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We Hate Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom is Overrated

Just say NO to idiots.

This is a community for Orlando-hating.


If you love Orlando and want to post comments telling us things like "OMG you guys stop makin fun of Orli he'z so hawt!" then go ahead. You're just making yourself look dumb, and creating a bad image for Orlando's fans, and we will have even more reason to keep the community running. After all, the fangirls were my inspiration for this community.

"If it isn't fair to diss people you don't know, it also isn't fair to love people you don't know." -winterinsomnia

So don't come in here saying, "you guys don't know him, how can you judge him!?" THe truth is that you probably don't know him either, so you can't tell us he's so nice, or kind, or whatever.

We don't judge him. Obviously, we all know he's probably a really nice person. We're simply poking fun at his character, and using him as something to pass the time. We don't say "OMG I hope he dies!!!" That would be moronic. We have enough intelligence to know what we are saying is probably untrue 90% of the time.


-Post anything anti-Orlando related: icons, websites, photos, etc.
-If you're an Orlando fan and you feel like telling us how wrong, cruel, and dumb we are for not worshipping him, get lost.
-Rude comments and posts will, of course, be either deleted or made fun of, depending on whether they're snobby or just plain idiotic.

Also, how about introducing yourself?

Why do you hate Orlando?

Love and all that crap, lunatwilight.

Community icon thanks to autumn_darkness!

Have fun. :)