Gina! Gina! (la_vamp) wrote in orlando_haters,
Gina! Gina!


Name: Gina
Age: 20
Why do you hate Orlando? To be honest, it's not the fangirls that make me hate him. I just loath his shitastic acting skills. Seriously, I know several local actors that can out act this douche bag without even trying. I hate him in Pirates of the Caribbean especially. Will Turner was possibly one of the lamest and uninteresting characters to ever hit the big screen. Orlando Bloom failed to make this character even the slightest bit interesting. Besides that, Elizabeth Town is the only film that I've walked out on to date, because Orlando Bloom once again failed to act. I felt sorry for his costars in that film. I mean, there he was ruin the entire film with his inability to be interesting or create any sort of emotion other than being some teenybopper sex symbol. So yeah, it's not really the fans that bother me. Every good looking star has annoying fans. It's that he's a talentless piece of crap actor, and yet he gets parts by having good looks.
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