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Behold, The Cast of Orlando Bloom!

Yes, this is the guide to the characters of Orlando Bloom: The Web Comic and you can only see it at orlando_haters and for people without a LiveJournal, This comic has an unique cast filled with rock stars, animals, and more stuff that I cannot say. So, below this LiveJournal cut and image is a guide on some of the characters in the moment. So, click if you dare! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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1.Orlando Bloom, our hero in this comic. He's British and a man girl. He wears skirts, bows, and anything girly. Top scientists still cannot figure out why.
2.Johnathon Davis, the first rock star in the comic. He sings in a little band called Korn and has a new album that came out a few days ago. Here's his real photo if you never heard of the band: Yes. He can play the bagpipes.
3.Johnny Depp. You know what he looks like so you don't need a picture. He's like Orlando Bloom. Only he wears pants and not a skirt.
4.Ville Valo. He's Finnish and in the band, H.I.M! I just had to put him in there because there are some people that have a crush on him!
5.Gerald Way, he might be in some parts of the comic. I dunno what the future is for him.
6.What could be an Anti-Orlando Bloom comic without this obsessive fan. Yes. She plays a big part in Orly's lifestyle.
7.Spotty Caramel the dog, Chocolate Sprinkles the cat, and Buttermilk Puff the bunny, Orlando Bloom's imaginary friends. He talks to them about fashion, movies, and his future.
8.Emo Kid. He hates Orlando Bloom. Yes he does.
9.Oh My God! It's Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath! He's the villain in my comic. He tries to kidnap Orlando Bloom and force him to be a maid in his spooky mansion. Plus, I might add his kids in the comic.
10.Sick 'Em. He's the Great White Shark in Ozzy's house. Yes, Ozzy caught the shark and forced him into eating the flesh of Mr.Osbourne's enemies.
11.No, this is not Amy Lee. This is Amy Lee's clone created by Ozzy Osbourne. She's crazy about McDonald's, Tim Burton movies, and singing in a very high pitched tone.
12.The End. Who's that girl you may ask. *sigh* It's me with my red headed-ness. :P

Got any suggestions for characters. Contact me at!

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