The Soul Of Insanity (insanitys_soul) wrote in orlando_haters,
The Soul Of Insanity

I doubt if anyone here remembers me, but I used to do those "Adventures Of Orlando The Idiot" comics a long time back. I've been itching to do another, but I'm stuck on who to sic the poor ass on this time. So, I thought I'd have you guys pick for me.

The choices are:

A: Ville Valo - Lead Singer From HIM, who'd probably wind up selling Bloom to Ozzy Osbourne who'd play endless strip chess with him throughout eternity

B: Liam Neeson - Plenty of lightsaber puns....

C: Johnny Depp - Again. Although, if anyone bothers to recall, the first issue of Orlando The Idiot DID leave us with a cliffhanger, so this might be am interesting sequel...

Either way, I just want to punish Orlando in some way or another. I'm ashamed to say this, but somehow I managed to scream his ENTIRE name out in my sleep a while back. He needs to be punished for doing that to me....
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