Alex (ginger_whinger) wrote in orlando_haters,

Name: Alex (sorry about username. Had a temporary failure of inspiration when thinking it up).

Why do I hate Orlando?: Well...all the characters he plays are the same in every way except names and costumes- wooden, no-personality, "heros." The only problems with any of his movies (that I've seen) are him being in them. Although, in all fairness, he has caused me to laugh a great deal. Both because of his crappy acting and also when we first moved into our house, we were messing around with the camcorder. These tapes have just resurfaced themselves and on one of them was my sister giving a guided tour of the house. When she got to her room, there were about 5 Orlando Bloom posters on her wall. When she saw them she introduced them to the camera: "This is Orlando Bloom and I luuuurrve him. He's so hot." It was hilarious. You probably have to see it yourself to find it funny.

Overrated elfish eunuch.
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